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Meet My Mom

Today is my verdict-release-day.

Nobody knows what I’m feeling, how hard it is to consider factors according to each perspective. How to be in the middle of two not so good choices. How workplace sucks! Geez! Never thought that life will be this cruel to me. No one undestands, no one wants to listen and nobody cares about me. Thank God I still have my REAL friends, my sister, and most especially my mom : she who devotes her life just to make me happy, feel comfy and enjoy every minute of my life even if it takes a lot of courage to step out of my comfort zone. She never disappoints me; she never fails to bring me happiness, courage and love. She showered me some of her peace that she owns althroughout. She never pushes me too hard to what she grasp that I won’t be able to do or will not be enjoyable for me to do. She never doubts in my strenght and accepts my very shameful weaknesses. She’s the only one who seemed to care, comprehend and realizes what I’m going through all these time. Though I’m so reluctant to listen to her when she wants me to, on the other hand, she cheerfully offers her ears just to convince she’s willing to hear every part of the story. Never judges me for whatever side I decided to believe in. She never persecutes me when she thinks I’m in a wrong path but patiently explains her part why she disagrees. She might have too much pride to show but she always acknowledges my points of view. She always nag at me, she keeps on talking and talking until she gets tired, and I keep myself willing to take her dilemmas and scenarios every time. But didn’t find a way to turn all into reality in terms of her family. She always love me, she always keep her arms around me even if she’s away. She never let me do what I do not want to, she always treat me like newborn baby: she forgives me and forgets it in a snap. She always wants me to be close to God, she wants me to be good to everyone, and she wants me to reach my dreams and enjoys what I’m doing. She’s the best mom on earth and I love her. She deserves a big hug and love from me that I thought I can’t give; anyway, it’s not too late. I know life is too short to make others feel their worth and realize how much we love them. And I’m starting now.

P.S. Ma, thanks for everything. I miss the nights when my sister and I hugged you every time we’re afraid of ghost and every time we feel cold. Thanks mom for being strong.

Take a Look at the Past

Thanks to technology most especially to computers, cellphones, and other gadgets that made our lives even easier. One-click-access to everything, connectivity to other people with different races, capturing life’s most memorable moments, sharing yourself to the world and expressing all the things you wanted. There are lots of reasons why should we be grateful for those techy and innovative products of curiosity and creativity.

Me, as a person, still can’t imagine how those previous devices evolved into something really amazing: a digital camera from a film-feed cam, a computer typewriters, an iPad from desktop and laptops, an iPod and mp3s from radio and Walkman,a DVD, VCD, CD from Betamax, huge playing machine (dunno how they called it) and tapes, a PSP from Nintendo, a Nintendom from Tamagochi, Sega, and Gameboy, as well as humans coming to robotics.

That’s how fast the world has changed and continuously changing for the betterment of the universe. Everything comes in digital, virtual reality and whatsoever. Before, my favorite thing to do after schooling was to play with my friends from the neighborhood, social interaction, physical games, and real adventure. Now, most especially in the peak of my college years, after my hectic sked in campus, first place to go was in Internet or Cafe shop. Level up my crazykart, plants vs.zombies, farmville, cafe world, chat with my yahoo messenger, and browse Google or Wikipedia in regards to my homework. However, contemplating a perspective of a book buff, I still love to stick with all the Library literary collections or check out what’s new in bookstores rather than browsing E-books. To own a book (real one) is a great privilege for me as a reader.

All in all, despite of all stuffs that changed together with technology, norm, fashion, and human behavior, still there are those who care to value the past life of our ancestors. Manual and gradual, just to describe their way of living, it’s good to take a look at the past where everything has evolved, started and originated.

Ko Hyun Jung Fever

It’s been half a year (if I’m not mistaken) after I started building crazy sites forKo Hyun Jung. She’s really one of the Korean Actresses I like very much. I thought it was just for fun and fame to host such sites for KHJ. But suddenly in a blast, those domains I created has gone so far in terms of numbers of fans, activities like videos, pictures and other posts.

Here are the following sites I created for the sake of my KHJ addiction and satisfaction as well.
You’ll also learn all the updates in terms of afficionados and nadas who joined the said sites below.

1. Ko Hyun Jung / Go Hyeong Jeong (Facebook)
Fans – 3440
Photos by Fans – 846
Albums – 33
Videos – 39+

2. Ko Hyun Jung (Twitter)
Followers – 741
Listed – 41

3. Ko Hyun Jung (
Members – 113

Anyway, there are other sites I made for KHJ like for example: Daemul/The Substitute (for her upcoming TV show in Korea), I’m in Love to Ko Hyun Jung but I’m not a Lesbian, Hyam Jungil (Real life loveteam of Kim Nam Gil and KHJ). Hopefully, in time even if my parents are always against my passion in life like writing, following, blog hosting and doodling, I still pray to God that it will be succesful and be paid off in time.


I’m not feeling well this month, despite of the fact that our commencement exercise is nearer than ever. I’m feeling so sad, empty, broken and lost. I lost my interest in life, I don’t wanna be with anyone. I always wanna cry. I miss my childhood days when my only problem is my playmates, my toys, and candies. I hope I can bring back those precious times I had with my loved ones and to correct my stupid mistakes. I hope I can erase and return all those words I’ve spoken to all my friends and others which caused them to be offended.

I hope I can make things right, I hope I’m not like this, I hope I can change. . .so I won’t be lost.

I love this song, it makes me cry every time I hear this playing.


nO h8 Campaign

Let’s support Glee casts’ No H8 campaign.


All I need is LOVE

Just another drop by note from me, I love being in love despite of the fact that it’s against all rules, against the world, . .and against all odds 😀

Money, achievement, recognition &c.: these are not the true basis of real happiness, but only LOVE can make this world go round. It gives meaning and color to our lives.

I’m glad and a lil’bit nervous regarding my bucket list for this semester and it seemed to be more challenging and breath-taking as than what I’ve done before, I know I’ll be able to carry out all the things I’ve written on it. Love it!!

what will happen to us and to this planet without LOVE?? Can’t imagine, life won’t be happy and worth-living, right??

All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.
— Leo Tolstoy

Valentine Dilemma

Last year I celebrated my Valentine’s Day with a boom, after having one of my biggest confessions in my life (it happened last Feb. 8) and yes it was also the happiest. But I felt a little bit annoyed when February has dropped again this year, I cannot get over with the special feeling I’m still keeping from this world. Only my close friends and members of my peer group had the opportunity to hear it straight from me, I know I wasn’t thought to believe in this kind of feeling towards someone who’s strange and weird in some sense.

I know goodbye is an easy word to say and give away but doing this and mean about this is not me. As a human, I believed that if it’s really love, letting go and moving on is the hardest part of life. Relating this to the upcoming event, I find it hard to talk and push myself to abstain from that person. Though there are instances when absence allow me to think that I can yet what I thought is just an illusion. Having that someone is like a dream come true, some one who can make brighten up even my darkest hour, in contrary, the same person who can zap my world and turn me into pieces (and it hurts!)

letting go
It’s true that being love makes everyone crazy, fall into traps, and turn this world round and round.

So this valentine season, I’m not expecting anything from anyone, yet I’m expecting reformation and improvements in me so that I will not be left behind and lost in love.

That’s what I’m afraid of, the reason I’m in panic state of my youth life, losing someone I love and having those I can’t even give love to.

To be in love is merely to be in a state of perceptual anesthesia. –HL Mecnchen
(so stupid, right! But very true!)