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Calling All Fruitarians

Have you ever watched the movie “Notting Hill” featuring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, I can’t get over that film, very intimidating, in positive turn. Recalling about the part where Hugh broke up with Julia due to public scandal after scandal in her life. He gave himself a try to move on and find someone better than his past. First attempt was to a common friend from the office that seemed not to capture his taste due to girl’s talkativeness. Another was the simple girl who said interesting to a coffee that turned out to be inedible. In the middle of the two was a girl with tied up hair like Julie Abbott, very skinny and sort of eerie. I swear, she made me scream to laughter, that I can’t help myself.
Do fruitarians really exist? I mean, is there anyone can live without eating veggies or fruits because of the thought of these matters being murdered? Waiting for trees to give them those rejects, oh! So pathetic! I hope there are no any existing humans like that.


Trick Your Taste Buds

It was 9th of January when I bought American Girl magazine entitled Food and You, 2008 from Robinson’s Pioneer ground floor in a Pick-A-Book booth of the said mall. It captures my attention and taste in regards to book when I started reading the front and back cover, it happened that I never think twice of getting the book.
I love the part which tackles about when the urge to snack strikes, reach for healthy foods first. Of course, what to do according to them is ti “Trick your Taste Buds”, instead of having your whims in your hands, why not try substitutes like:

If you’re craving crunchy chips, try. . .
Pretzels, or a handful of roasted almonds
(almonds are good for losing weight instead of potato chips which can make your tummies fat)

If you’re craving sweets or candy, try. . .
Dried fruit, such as raisins or apricots
(yup! Raisins are good but why don’t you try dried mangoes)

if you’re craving French fries, try. . .
popcorn sprinkled with Parmesan cheese
(baked potatoes can also be another example)

if you’re craving ice cream, try. . .

low-fat frozen yogurt
(strawberries and blueberries are the best flavors)

if you’re craving a milk shake, try. . .

a smoothie made with yogurt, ice, and fresh fruit
(still strawberry and mango flavors are the best choices)

Rainbow of Health

This year comes with different colors of nice and not so nice stuffs of health and living. Before the year ends, I’ve undergone and suffered from serious sickness due to over-fatigue and stress. Lots of mistakes from what choice of food to eat and also what time to eat, very irregular and unpredictable that’s what it looks like when my stomach routine struck. However, one of my resolutions include “A Pretty Plate” (courtesy of, Food and You, 2008) of mix colors depending on the fruit itself. Variety of hues according to Rainbow colors which is composed of ROYGBIV, representing the fruits that can provide the right vitamins and other nutrients that our bodies needed. Dish up a rainbow of colorful needs and it can be the easiest way to get what you wanted for a food. Here are those examples for each hues, as follows:

Choices of Fruit

Apple, strawberry, watermelon, tomatoes and pepper

Carrots, sweet potatoes, oranges, apricots, cantaloupe

Squash, sweet corn, wax beans, bananas, pineapple

Peas, lettuce, broccoli, pears, honeydew lemon

Blue and Purple
Blueberries, grapes, plums, raisins, purple (red) cabbage

Letters away from your kitchen put those like fruits or veggies depending on the color of what to eat according to the pattern. Thanks for the magazine that helps me build a broader look on the healthy side.