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5 Five Sites I Can’t Live Without

After a long, busy and stressful day at work, there’ll be no better treat for me than making myself online and watching my favourite funny videos in motion. When everything is set, now it’s time for me to check out my five (5) most favourited and most visited sites on World wide Web.

1 ) Google / Gmail — No doubt above anything else, checking my personal emails is one of the most vital tasks in one’s life. Having my unending notifications from my other sites and newsletters from the blogs I followed. Not to forget those freaking spams I’m getting from people I do not know.

2 ) Facebook — I guess, 8 out of 10 Filipinos own a Facebook account and I don’t blame them for having one (or more). For me, it’s a site that gives me an opportunity to get connected with my friends, colleagues, neighbors, relatives, and more. It allows me to post whatever I think is worth reading or saying, apps that are worth using, and games that are worth playing. But sometimes, the way people behave, talk or post in timeline elevates disgust and hate. There are people who I wish I don’t get friends with but because I know them (personally), I have no choice but to ignore their ******* updates /status.

3 ) Twitter — The number of followers versus following don’t matter to me, the only thing I mind is the quality of posts from the people I follow (e.g. Cher, Marie Digby, Lee So Yeon, Cyndi Lauper &c.). I hate to see people who employs twitter just to let others know that they’re famous or whatever (but they’re not).

I love discovering new things from different cultures, world and ethnicity. It lets me create lists of people I follow depending on the interest they’re into.

4 ) Pinterest — Honestly, my first love is Tumblr but thanks to I discovered . It has nicer, cooler, and more prefessional look than any other sites ever made so far. It’s one of the chosen sites that requires no background or layout just to look good or become enjoyable to the users, so I salute Pinterest for that great job.

5 ) Goodreads — Books have never left my mind, I’m always thinking of what to read after my online life. Checking new events invitations, book recommendations and Quote of the Day are the ones I’m anticipating to.

If you’re not into books, you’ll find it a little boring at first. But once you explore the entire site, you’ll get addicted to it, EVERYTHING ! From giveaways to groups, to people, to author, to ebooks, to widgets, to feeds : they’re all engaging, so you better check this out.

Now I got the five websites I can’t live without, then maybe it’s time for you to make your own list or give me other more competitive links you find more interesting than of mine.
I’ll be happy to discover new stuffs, and will be open to better ideas from you guys.


Protected: I’m not what you think

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Meet My Mom

Today is my verdict-release-day.

Nobody knows what I’m feeling, how hard it is to consider factors according to each perspective. How to be in the middle of two not so good choices. How workplace sucks! Geez! Never thought that life will be this cruel to me. No one undestands, no one wants to listen and nobody cares about me. Thank God I still have my REAL friends, my sister, and most especially my mom : she who devotes her life just to make me happy, feel comfy and enjoy every minute of my life even if it takes a lot of courage to step out of my comfort zone. She never disappoints me; she never fails to bring me happiness, courage and love. She showered me some of her peace that she owns althroughout. She never pushes me too hard to what she grasp that I won’t be able to do or will not be enjoyable for me to do. She never doubts in my strenght and accepts my very shameful weaknesses. She’s the only one who seemed to care, comprehend and realizes what I’m going through all these time. Though I’m so reluctant to listen to her when she wants me to, on the other hand, she cheerfully offers her ears just to convince she’s willing to hear every part of the story. Never judges me for whatever side I decided to believe in. She never persecutes me when she thinks I’m in a wrong path but patiently explains her part why she disagrees. She might have too much pride to show but she always acknowledges my points of view. She always nag at me, she keeps on talking and talking until she gets tired, and I keep myself willing to take her dilemmas and scenarios every time. But didn’t find a way to turn all into reality in terms of her family. She always love me, she always keep her arms around me even if she’s away. She never let me do what I do not want to, she always treat me like newborn baby: she forgives me and forgets it in a snap. She always wants me to be close to God, she wants me to be good to everyone, and she wants me to reach my dreams and enjoys what I’m doing. She’s the best mom on earth and I love her. She deserves a big hug and love from me that I thought I can’t give; anyway, it’s not too late. I know life is too short to make others feel their worth and realize how much we love them. And I’m starting now.

P.S. Ma, thanks for everything. I miss the nights when my sister and I hugged you every time we’re afraid of ghost and every time we feel cold. Thanks mom for being strong.

Guinness World Record : Amazing Grace

Days, weeks, and months had passed since EN2010 happened here in Manila, Philippines. Actually, one of my closest friends and I planned to attend the once in a lifetime 3-day experience concert and conference with our fellow Christians. Unfortunately, only my bff got the ticket, I wasn’t employed yet and got no source of financial support to register in the said event. I was so frustrated and depressed due to that fact, knowing that lot of my friends, acquaintance and former classmates converted were able to buy one of the passes. As well as the presence of Darlene Zschech, Hillsong’s worship leader and song writer, added to my burden and regret.

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Anyways, it was just last Sunday when I knew that the 2nd day of EN2010 held in SMX Convention Center last July 23, they attempted to record “The Most Languages Performed in a Song (with Multiple Singers from Different Countries): singing “Amazing Grace” by estimated number of 19,173 from 45 nations and 50 different languages including Filipino, Arabic, Mandarin, Zulu, Farsi, Spanish, Cherokee Indian and more. Closest to the Auld Lang Syne spot sung by 200 people under Communal Singing category.
The said victory was led by Every Nation Ministries and Victory Christian Fellowship: joined forces with other Christian churches here in Philippines.

“Amazing Grace,” published in 1779, came into being on a slave ship. It was written by John Newton, an English poet and clergyman, who participated, though reluctantly, in the slave trade.
According to the organization’s website, “many people believe the song was actually an old African folk song that Newton might have heard wafting up from the hold of his slave ship.” Courtesy of

Try Me: Lie to Me

Lie To Me

Dr. Cal Lightman

I’m from the south and I’ve never been to North or West, we hardly have a cable connection of shows from other countries like Oprah, Ellen, Glee, &c. I, myself depend mostly on DVD’s sold in the streets. Due to high depth and hi-edge technology, life is so easy with it.

Curiosity and boredom lead me into something very interesting about USA tv shows: it is finding Lie to Me. So stunning seeing the first episode introducing “The Lightman Group” composed of Tim Roth as Dr. Cal Lightman, a “fast thinking Lie expert” who mainly focused in Microexpressions, body language, and Facial Action Coding System serving clients mostly from Local and Federal Laws. Tackling cases of private and public affairs which commonly conceived truths, misterious suspects and subtle evidences. He is a psyche genius, seems to know everything even tapped the hidden hints for solving cases. Due to his past regards her mother, it led him to searching and mastering expressions.

I will not attempt to discuss all the characteristics of all the cast coz I might end up writing a book. Due to the leadership of Cal and his partner in spy, Dr. Gillian Foster (who is my fave among all), this is one of the most amazing, meaningful and educational TV series made by Fox. Kelli Williams who played as Dr. Foster, reveals her natural talent in acting, comedy, drama, romance and even action. Despite of her heartaches (based on the sequel), she gained people’s attention by reflecting and potraying that even experts or genius have something inside, they are not perfect. And what has contributed to their so called “perfection” was an “imperfect” decision and “imperfect” situation in their imperfect lives. Very beautiful and yet can’t have her own baby, it seems that everything a guy wants is already a full-package with Dr. Foster yet God didn’t have it that way, there’s missing. Likewise,
Dr. Lightman is what everyone wants to be, even me, but why do they have to divorce? (God is fair, just and Good to us)

The bottom line is, Lie to Me, a masterpiece of TV / media world. I’ve never seen nor have this kind of addiction into a American TV show except this. Not to forget Brendan Hines(Eli Loker) with his fascinating and risky Radical Honesty, Monica Raymund (Ria Torres) and Hayley McFarland (Emily Lightman) with their Natural talent about reading people, and of course Mekhi Phifer (Ben Reynolds), the FBI agent :sharp
shooter assistant of Cal.

A full-blown cast that I don’t wanna miss.

2011 Trek

Today is 13th of October, I have this thought since I was in college,
and now is the time to fulfill the dream. Still praying for a complete
enjoyment and safe travelling all over the nation. Of course,
I woudln’t be able to reach places where there’s war and
misunderstanding like in Mindanao.

My adventure countdown will begin after I have accomplished my
primary things that I needed most especially for documentation of
my trek in other parts of Philippines.

Hahahaha!!! Finally, I will be able to execute it, but before that
I must know what I will be using in my future journey. Watch out
and join me in my voyage starting January 2011 (as my target date).
Anyway, what I have to do now is canvass and look for better
equipments like Digital Camera, Pocket Money, Weekly Budget
(for Transportation, Souvenirs, Food, &c.) and the most importantly
is my exploration plan map.

Guinness World Record: 10.10.10 Run For Pasig

A once in a bluemoon event has set its Guinness World-Breaking record in the history, as Government, Showbiz, and Sectoral personalities joined the fun run with a theme “Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig” last October 10, 2010.
Which has its main vision of collecting funds for cleaning and betterment of Pasig River, nearby bodies of water and creeks as well.

This grand event can be said as one of main highlights of year 2010, aside from Inauguration of President Noynoy Aquino in Manila Grandstand, Venus Raj’s achievement in Ms. Universe happened in Las Vegas, Nevada, and now the “Run for Pasig”.

Celebrities mostly from ABS-CBN channel participated in the said event and also high-profile personalities like Vice President Jejomar Binay, Former President Fidel V. Ramos, his wife Ming Ramos, Pound for Pound King, Manny Pacquiao, El Shaddai Leader, Mike Belarde and one of P-noy’s sisters, Ballsy Cruz.

Breaking the previous record of “Bay to Breakers”, and now with estimated 116,000 runners not included those who were not registered that joined the race.

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Countdown: 30th Day in Work

I was hoping for a fresh and good start
for my whole week, but it seemed like neither of two had happened.
so many things had pissed me off the whole day, I was so stressed
and annoyed of these little brainy creatures side-by-side.

God knows I’m not a type of person who’s a fault-finder, I think this
might be how the world moves for me : very eerie, unpredictable,
unexplicable and so distractful. Before, I thought relationships inside
the classroom were the worst suffering I could have in my life yet I found
out that there’s even more than my psychotic classmates (well, I’m one
of them).

Now, it’s the workplace : people can’t stop their mouths talking
behind each others’ back ; doodling ; showing off what they got ; and everybody
else who got their angst out.

Goodness!!! I have nobody to confide and let my thoughts out of my mind:
those who can stir off my emotions and just effortlessly fill it out.
I miss my friends, I miss myself, I miss my family and I miss God.
Never expect that life will be this so depressing and lonely despite of
money, job and everything. None of it counts, none of it is worth dying for,
not even my career endeavor, achievements, material and penny : these are
all junks.

None compares to God: His grace and His power.
He has changed me a lot, from inner to outer, from my soul to
my heart to my mind.

I don’t give a damn to those “sneak freak” (as I call them), who
has nothing to do but kick me down.

Lord, Sorry for this blog. I just wanted to express it out.
I’m still on the process of coping in and out of the work.

ELLEN’s Most Hilarious Episode

Dunno, after days of being busy, I still find time to watch ELLEN Degeneres replay shows in SolarTV channel 9. It was really nice when she started talking about how she fancy rap music, I love it. Then, she suddenly took a microphone from her back with an auto-tuning feature that makes a person sounds like T-Pain. As well as a nice thing to use that turns a hard statement for someone to tell an important person that will not offend him or will lessen the pain. Take a look at this.

Laugh Out Loud!!

Take a Look at the Past

Thanks to technology most especially to computers, cellphones, and other gadgets that made our lives even easier. One-click-access to everything, connectivity to other people with different races, capturing life’s most memorable moments, sharing yourself to the world and expressing all the things you wanted. There are lots of reasons why should we be grateful for those techy and innovative products of curiosity and creativity.

Me, as a person, still can’t imagine how those previous devices evolved into something really amazing: a digital camera from a film-feed cam, a computer typewriters, an iPad from desktop and laptops, an iPod and mp3s from radio and Walkman,a DVD, VCD, CD from Betamax, huge playing machine (dunno how they called it) and tapes, a PSP from Nintendo, a Nintendom from Tamagochi, Sega, and Gameboy, as well as humans coming to robotics.

That’s how fast the world has changed and continuously changing for the betterment of the universe. Everything comes in digital, virtual reality and whatsoever. Before, my favorite thing to do after schooling was to play with my friends from the neighborhood, social interaction, physical games, and real adventure. Now, most especially in the peak of my college years, after my hectic sked in campus, first place to go was in Internet or Cafe shop. Level up my crazykart, plants vs.zombies, farmville, cafe world, chat with my yahoo messenger, and browse Google or Wikipedia in regards to my homework. However, contemplating a perspective of a book buff, I still love to stick with all the Library literary collections or check out what’s new in bookstores rather than browsing E-books. To own a book (real one) is a great privilege for me as a reader.

All in all, despite of all stuffs that changed together with technology, norm, fashion, and human behavior, still there are those who care to value the past life of our ancestors. Manual and gradual, just to describe their way of living, it’s good to take a look at the past where everything has evolved, started and originated.