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Take a Look at the Past

Thanks to technology most especially to computers, cellphones, and other gadgets that made our lives even easier. One-click-access to everything, connectivity to other people with different races, capturing life’s most memorable moments, sharing yourself to the world and expressing all the things you wanted. There are lots of reasons why should we be grateful for those techy and innovative products of curiosity and creativity.

Me, as a person, still can’t imagine how those previous devices evolved into something really amazing: a digital camera from a film-feed cam, a computer typewriters, an iPad from desktop and laptops, an iPod and mp3s from radio and Walkman,a DVD, VCD, CD from Betamax, huge playing machine (dunno how they called it) and tapes, a PSP from Nintendo, a Nintendom from Tamagochi, Sega, and Gameboy, as well as humans coming to robotics.

That’s how fast the world has changed and continuously changing for the betterment of the universe. Everything comes in digital, virtual reality and whatsoever. Before, my favorite thing to do after schooling was to play with my friends from the neighborhood, social interaction, physical games, and real adventure. Now, most especially in the peak of my college years, after my hectic sked in campus, first place to go was in Internet or Cafe shop. Level up my crazykart, plants vs.zombies, farmville, cafe world, chat with my yahoo messenger, and browse Google or Wikipedia in regards to my homework. However, contemplating a perspective of a book buff, I still love to stick with all the Library literary collections or check out what’s new in bookstores rather than browsing E-books. To own a book (real one) is a great privilege for me as a reader.

All in all, despite of all stuffs that changed together with technology, norm, fashion, and human behavior, still there are those who care to value the past life of our ancestors. Manual and gradual, just to describe their way of living, it’s good to take a look at the past where everything has evolved, started and originated.


No More Ningas Kugon

It’s been how many weeks passed by since the last time I played my Facebook applications. I know it’s kinda like “Ningas Kugon” in my part when I started creating and doing my first apps that is Farmville and Restaurant City and enjoyed gaming and competing with my friends. However, after I had extended my farm / lot into 20 up x 20 up, I felt so bored and tired of maintaining and sick of planting seeds and harvesting them every now and then. Nevertheless, utilizing my machines and tractors makes me regret about consuming gasoline. I also find it hard to re-arrange and collect all the fruits from trees and from animals like pigs, chickens, horses, cows, goats and ducks. Anyways, I miss them very much. Perhaps, weekends will be the best time for renovating and planting again.

Before those weeks, I’ve reached level 24 and gathered 45 gifts, 8-neighbor request and 30 more gifts in my storage box. I miss playing Music Challenge, Rock Riot, and Café World.


Thumbs up for Facebook

Things have changed the path it must be, I remember the first time I’ve learned to open and shut down a computer. The first thing I knew was about Internet explorer and from that I transferred to Mozilla Firefox. Now, from my favorite networking website which was, I found myself hooked up to

What I love about it is self- expression. Grasping a real life into a virtual reality games like Café World, Farmville, Petville, Fishville, Hospital Town, &c. featured games from Zynga &c.

I can live through it without bringing music town by building Rock Riot and Music Challenge which are my over al fave. My longing for music never gets me down.

From decorating, naming a pet, naming a band, and hiring an employee, it helps me a lot to figure out what I want and tell myself:
“This is me!”