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Countdown: 30th Day in Work

I was hoping for a fresh and good start
for my whole week, but it seemed like neither of two had happened.
so many things had pissed me off the whole day, I was so stressed
and annoyed of these little brainy creatures side-by-side.

God knows I’m not a type of person who’s a fault-finder, I think this
might be how the world moves for me : very eerie, unpredictable,
unexplicable and so distractful. Before, I thought relationships inside
the classroom were the worst suffering I could have in my life yet I found
out that there’s even more than my psychotic classmates (well, I’m one
of them).

Now, it’s the workplace : people can’t stop their mouths talking
behind each others’ back ; doodling ; showing off what they got ; and everybody
else who got their angst out.

Goodness!!! I have nobody to confide and let my thoughts out of my mind:
those who can stir off my emotions and just effortlessly fill it out.
I miss my friends, I miss myself, I miss my family and I miss God.
Never expect that life will be this so depressing and lonely despite of
money, job and everything. None of it counts, none of it is worth dying for,
not even my career endeavor, achievements, material and penny : these are
all junks.

None compares to God: His grace and His power.
He has changed me a lot, from inner to outer, from my soul to
my heart to my mind.

I don’t give a damn to those “sneak freak” (as I call them), who
has nothing to do but kick me down.

Lord, Sorry for this blog. I just wanted to express it out.
I’m still on the process of coping in and out of the work.