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Meet My Mom

Today is my verdict-release-day.

Nobody knows what I’m feeling, how hard it is to consider factors according to each perspective. How to be in the middle of two not so good choices. How workplace sucks! Geez! Never thought that life will be this cruel to me. No one undestands, no one wants to listen and nobody cares about me. Thank God I still have my REAL friends, my sister, and most especially my mom : she who devotes her life just to make me happy, feel comfy and enjoy every minute of my life even if it takes a lot of courage to step out of my comfort zone. She never disappoints me; she never fails to bring me happiness, courage and love. She showered me some of her peace that she owns althroughout. She never pushes me too hard to what she grasp that I won’t be able to do or will not be enjoyable for me to do. She never doubts in my strenght and accepts my very shameful weaknesses. She’s the only one who seemed to care, comprehend and realizes what I’m going through all these time. Though I’m so reluctant to listen to her when she wants me to, on the other hand, she cheerfully offers her ears just to convince she’s willing to hear every part of the story. Never judges me for whatever side I decided to believe in. She never persecutes me when she thinks I’m in a wrong path but patiently explains her part why she disagrees. She might have too much pride to show but she always acknowledges my points of view. She always nag at me, she keeps on talking and talking until she gets tired, and I keep myself willing to take her dilemmas and scenarios every time. But didn’t find a way to turn all into reality in terms of her family. She always love me, she always keep her arms around me even if she’s away. She never let me do what I do not want to, she always treat me like newborn baby: she forgives me and forgets it in a snap. She always wants me to be close to God, she wants me to be good to everyone, and she wants me to reach my dreams and enjoys what I’m doing. She’s the best mom on earth and I love her. She deserves a big hug and love from me that I thought I can’t give; anyway, it’s not too late. I know life is too short to make others feel their worth and realize how much we love them. And I’m starting now.

P.S. Ma, thanks for everything. I miss the nights when my sister and I hugged you every time we’re afraid of ghost and every time we feel cold. Thanks mom for being strong.