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All I need is LOVE

Just another drop by note from me, I love being in love despite of the fact that it’s against all rules, against the world, . .and against all odds 😀

Money, achievement, recognition &c.: these are not the true basis of real happiness, but only LOVE can make this world go round. It gives meaning and color to our lives.

I’m glad and a lil’bit nervous regarding my bucket list for this semester and it seemed to be more challenging and breath-taking as than what I’ve done before, I know I’ll be able to carry out all the things I’ve written on it. Love it!!

what will happen to us and to this planet without LOVE?? Can’t imagine, life won’t be happy and worth-living, right??

All, everything that I understand, I understand only because I love.
— Leo Tolstoy

Valentine Dilemma

Last year I celebrated my Valentine’s Day with a boom, after having one of my biggest confessions in my life (it happened last Feb. 8) and yes it was also the happiest. But I felt a little bit annoyed when February has dropped again this year, I cannot get over with the special feeling I’m still keeping from this world. Only my close friends and members of my peer group had the opportunity to hear it straight from me, I know I wasn’t thought to believe in this kind of feeling towards someone who’s strange and weird in some sense.

I know goodbye is an easy word to say and give away but doing this and mean about this is not me. As a human, I believed that if it’s really love, letting go and moving on is the hardest part of life. Relating this to the upcoming event, I find it hard to talk and push myself to abstain from that person. Though there are instances when absence allow me to think that I can yet what I thought is just an illusion. Having that someone is like a dream come true, some one who can make brighten up even my darkest hour, in contrary, the same person who can zap my world and turn me into pieces (and it hurts!)

letting go
It’s true that being love makes everyone crazy, fall into traps, and turn this world round and round.

So this valentine season, I’m not expecting anything from anyone, yet I’m expecting reformation and improvements in me so that I will not be left behind and lost in love.

That’s what I’m afraid of, the reason I’m in panic state of my youth life, losing someone I love and having those I can’t even give love to.

To be in love is merely to be in a state of perceptual anesthesia. –HL Mecnchen
(so stupid, right! But very true!)

Live, Love, Laugh

23rd of January, Saturday, it’s already 2010, year of the tiger. It’s just the beginning of all the challenges we have to face and awaits me. Yes! Last year seemed to a very critical endeavor I many aspects. Suicidal thoughts were necessary; feelings of being lost and confused were always with me. I’ve been to a point of such a worthless and wasted person. Nothing’s gonna work for good to me, however, god has given me one more chance to correct and learn from my mistakes and never do it again. I think what makes me more this positive is because of three Ls which sound so familiar to us.

Live – each and every one of us in this complicated world are connected to one another, we might undergo losing someone I our lives but in some sense of this walk, we’ll meet lots of people who will change us and our lives forever (act like a pencil, leave a “GOOD mark” to everybody we’ll be meeting in this journey).

Love– one key to better living is “to do what you love and love what you do . . . just do what’s inside your heart and what makes you happy”. Forgiving is one way of showing and giving LOVE.

Laugh – go with people you love most. Watch a movie, make a blog (LOL), . . .and be happy!! Smile always.

Gifts, Food, or Family

I love the survey question when I opened the home of freshly pressed blogs. Thinking that Christmas are not good for grown-up girls like me who wish to have a lot of gifts from my Godfathers and Godmothers yet I’m too shy and afraid of what others might tell seeing a bloke standing and knocking in front of their doors. Dudes! I hate daydreaming such situation. It’s already December 25, very cold, the breeze of the air reminds me of two naughty things. First is my money problem for the coming party, & second is if pride and prejudice will suck my broken heart this season. I was drunk & no one wants to be sad right, so I decided to go to bed pretending again to be happy though I’m quite groggy, it was then when my phone rung. I love it when a special friend called me in surprise and drop by just to greet me a merry Christmas. Albeit, I wasn’t expecting anything from my friends that day because it’s New Year which is more preferable for them to drop a call. Still, I love it. JESUS is so good to me despite of my ungodly acts and stubbornness. I love you LORD.

Merry Christmas to all, seize every moment like it is your last with your love ones, and also advance Happy New Year. Lots of rooms for reformation. Merci! Adios!