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Take a Look at the Past

Thanks to technology most especially to computers, cellphones, and other gadgets that made our lives even easier. One-click-access to everything, connectivity to other people with different races, capturing life’s most memorable moments, sharing yourself to the world and expressing all the things you wanted. There are lots of reasons why should we be grateful for those techy and innovative products of curiosity and creativity.

Me, as a person, still can’t imagine how those previous devices evolved into something really amazing: a digital camera from a film-feed cam, a computer typewriters, an iPad from desktop and laptops, an iPod and mp3s from radio and Walkman,a DVD, VCD, CD from Betamax, huge playing machine (dunno how they called it) and tapes, a PSP from Nintendo, a Nintendom from Tamagochi, Sega, and Gameboy, as well as humans coming to robotics.

That’s how fast the world has changed and continuously changing for the betterment of the universe. Everything comes in digital, virtual reality and whatsoever. Before, my favorite thing to do after schooling was to play with my friends from the neighborhood, social interaction, physical games, and real adventure. Now, most especially in the peak of my college years, after my hectic sked in campus, first place to go was in Internet or Cafe shop. Level up my crazykart, plants vs.zombies, farmville, cafe world, chat with my yahoo messenger, and browse Google or Wikipedia in regards to my homework. However, contemplating a perspective of a book buff, I still love to stick with all the Library literary collections or check out what’s new in bookstores rather than browsing E-books. To own a book (real one) is a great privilege for me as a reader.

All in all, despite of all stuffs that changed together with technology, norm, fashion, and human behavior, still there are those who care to value the past life of our ancestors. Manual and gradual, just to describe their way of living, it’s good to take a look at the past where everything has evolved, started and originated.



I’ve watched alot of shows featuring people with different and unique interests in regards to their quirky collections. Those addictions to unusual collection can also be attributed to Obsessive Compulsive disorder in some ways. However, what I’m trying to say is that after witnessing their fascinating materials, I’m encouraged to build my own version of amazing and costly collection dealing with books.
Actually at first, I was thinking of butterfly garden that I will make for attraction but it ruins my day realizing that I can’t afford it and it’s not feasible for my situation who is living in a depressed area like Manila though it’s civilization has left me behind the walls of dreams and ambitions. Second, I though of having my own SpongeBob Squarepants’ boutique, that’s when I finally realized that I’ve missed a lot of his collectibles and memorabilia in malls and toy stores. Then, that was the time I stopped contemplating about my plan for the next ten years of my life. However, my liking to create my own bizarre. I can’t help but thinking of what’s is something that I really wanted and can’t get away without. . .and these are the books I read.
It was the only time when I watched myself handling a book that I bought a couple of minutes ago from a mall nearby. Entitled “persuasion” by Jane Austen. And it was a “BOOM!”, I made the right choice of material to collect despite of my financially constricted manner of living, it never distracted me to avoid me dreaming so.

Only to find out that even if I stop developing something to collect it is book that I can’t resist whenever I go to malls, whenever I’m alone, I’m in a train, bus or jeep: it is something that I’m addicted with (unconsciously).
So the result, I’m pursuing it from this very day. 14th of July, year 2010.

PS: If you know classic, fictional, or even other series books like HP, &c. Just throw me a message @