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Last Days

March and April is one of the toughest months for a student like me most especially when your already at your senior year. It’s kinda different in many ways, fast-paced activities and major exams. It seems that days shake us. Anyways, being in the middle class do not always expect a career like this, graduating and reaching a bachelor’s degree coz it’s often an optional thing. Having the right and good job is more important thing. The issue is that after my 16 years full of sweat, effort, blood and challenging journey within the four corners of our school makes me find relief and perhaps quite closely said as satisfaction and triumph. It’s not all of teenagers who had achieved a peak like this, and being the first child is always a very significant factor on that.

After those couple of years I spent doing projects, assignments, reporting, presentation and whatever freaking activities our teachers and professors required us to do, it’s almost over now and it will finally be over this coming April 6. Things will change, everything! From my daily routine, to jobs, to activities, to attires, and also attitude. A complete change in life and career.

I’m going to miss my friends, my seatmates, my peer group, my teachers and professors and every thing about schooling.

I’m already through with all those stuffs and I’m going to the next level now. Hope I’ll find the best job ever after my commencement exercise. Good luck to everyone. Having my master’s degree will always be in my mind but then people change.

God bless. Goodbye my beloved thesis. ^_^


I’m not feeling well this month, despite of the fact that our commencement exercise is nearer than ever. I’m feeling so sad, empty, broken and lost. I lost my interest in life, I don’t wanna be with anyone. I always wanna cry. I miss my childhood days when my only problem is my playmates, my toys, and candies. I hope I can bring back those precious times I had with my loved ones and to correct my stupid mistakes. I hope I can erase and return all those words I’ve spoken to all my friends and others which caused them to be offended.

I hope I can make things right, I hope I’m not like this, I hope I can change. . .so I won’t be lost.

I love this song, it makes me cry every time I hear this playing.


One Dollar Fun

Last February 14, we treated ourselves for a while, despite of the fact that I’m on my way of recovery from Influenza. I don’t wanna stay home alone, together with my sickness so I decided to go with my friends, thankfully God helped me to convince my mom to let me go out.

She just left me 200 pesos (equivalent to 4 dollars I think, if I’m not mistaken). The plan was to rent a bicycle and roam around the Quezon city circle but it didn’t happen anyway.

We went into a mini amusement park near the place called “Circle of Fun”. Twenty pesos (or less than a dollar) for admission and fifty pesos (or exactly one- dollar) for admission plus two rides in any of general ads of the park.

Love the experience, though I haven’t enjoyed much of the rides yet the spirit of excitement and thrill was all there within me. I don’t want to talk about much of how my friends left their bags in my responsibility ( that I almost looked like a baggage man), shocks!!

At the end of the day, after the risky trip under the blazing sun, we’ve been all satisfied by the food courtesy by Tropical Hut (very affordable). LOve it!!

We don’t need to be so glamorous to enjoy life, we don’t even need to have alot of money to afford happiness.