Rainbow of Health

This year comes with different colors of nice and not so nice stuffs of health and living. Before the year ends, I’ve undergone and suffered from serious sickness due to over-fatigue and stress. Lots of mistakes from what choice of food to eat and also what time to eat, very irregular and unpredictable that’s what it looks like when my stomach routine struck. However, one of my resolutions include “A Pretty Plate” (courtesy of Americangirl.com, Food and You, 2008) of mix colors depending on the fruit itself. Variety of hues according to Rainbow colors which is composed of ROYGBIV, representing the fruits that can provide the right vitamins and other nutrients that our bodies needed. Dish up a rainbow of colorful needs and it can be the easiest way to get what you wanted for a food. Here are those examples for each hues, as follows:

Choices of Fruit

Apple, strawberry, watermelon, tomatoes and pepper

Carrots, sweet potatoes, oranges, apricots, cantaloupe

Squash, sweet corn, wax beans, bananas, pineapple

Peas, lettuce, broccoli, pears, honeydew lemon

Blue and Purple
Blueberries, grapes, plums, raisins, purple (red) cabbage

Letters away from your kitchen put those like fruits or veggies depending on the color of what to eat according to the pattern. Thanks for the magazine that helps me build a broader look on the healthy side.


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