Calling All Fruitarians

Have you ever watched the movie “Notting Hill” featuring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, I can’t get over that film, very intimidating, in positive turn. Recalling about the part where Hugh broke up with Julia due to public scandal after scandal in her life. He gave himself a try to move on and find someone better than his past. First attempt was to a common friend from the office that seemed not to capture his taste due to girl’s talkativeness. Another was the simple girl who said interesting to a coffee that turned out to be inedible. In the middle of the two was a girl with tied up hair like Julie Abbott, very skinny and sort of eerie. I swear, she made me scream to laughter, that I can’t help myself.
Do fruitarians really exist? I mean, is there anyone can live without eating veggies or fruits because of the thought of these matters being murdered? Waiting for trees to give them those rejects, oh! So pathetic! I hope there are no any existing humans like that.


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  1. great post, joined your rss feed. cheers as I’m starting out in the world of gambling 😉

  2. Fruitarianism isn’t about veggies being murdered, any more than recycling aluminum is about metal being murdered. The idea is to reduce your impact on the earth by trimming down your consumption to the barest minimum. The same philosophy applies to veganism, vegetarianism, and even survivalists who hunt for their own food (not buying pre-slaughtered slop at McDonalds). Some people have discipline, so more power to them. Other fat bastards can’t hack it, so they ridicule it.

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