I Love Ko Hyun Jung

It was 21st of January when I decided to make a fan page for my beloved Ko Hyun Jung. I told myself that if it won’t work after three days, I will abort the page as soon as possible. But I was so surprised when the number of fans raised to 26 for its first day. I chatted with Yaki who’s one of my co-admins of the said Facebook site and who’s always helping me to update the page as well as sharing information regarding KHJ’s latest news and projects. Thanks to all who join KHJ’s site and its my pleasure to meet you all guys, for sure KHJ will love us too. . .coz we love her more. ahehehe 🙂 this is crazy, I’m always thinking of my fellow avid devotees of KHJ who were also charmed by her beauty, talent and everything. I love her and I know they do.

daesang award from mbc

Yes! Just what like Jacky said, we’re not ashamed to tell eveybody that we’re addicted and fond of her. She makes me remember of a song by Bryan Adams entitled “Heaven Knows” and it goes like this:

She’s always on my mind / From the time I wake up til I close my eyes / She’s everywhere I go / She’s all I know

I can barely express what I wanted to say but it’s all in three short words. . .
“I love her.”

She inspires me a lot. Hope you guys feel the same. I love the feeling and I can’t fight this feeling anymore.

Terima Kasih!
Selamat Tinggal!
(wishin’I got a right indonesian grammar, thanks to my indo friends)

God bless Everyone! 🙂


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  1. lelany espiritu

    i love her, also. i like her face……………

  2. Every hear someone mention or thought I saw khj extremely touched, I love smile to shake the thought of her, I love eye always look straight and every gesture of her gestures, I can not express this mood, just know that I always think of her anytime, anywhere!

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