Unexpected Call

A thanksgiving day was held a while ago, I guessed it was just like the first event I attended last December 2009. But I was wrong when I’ve thought of having the same purpose, the previous was more of a family get together. The said event started as early as nine o’clock in the morning, I arrived as early as seven thirty and most of the participants were already there: eating their free breakfast, already wearing their costumes, and they look like so prepared to begin the program.

After my designation in the reception/registration area, I was cornered when the mass began. Obviously, I’m not a catholic member or what, but I do believe in God so I accepted the request. Actually, whenever my friends invited me to go to church, most of the time, I wasn’t able to say “no”.

The bottom line is that the mass I was obliged to attend blessed me. The priest who was used as a vessel of His divine message to me, I love the feeling of being corrected or rebuked. It doesn’t humiliate me anyway, though it hurts yet I choose to remain open-minded.

Three Things I’ve learned from him:

1) We’re preoccupied of the things we can’t hold on to but taking for granted of what we call eternity that we cannot runaway from.

2) In the end, we’ll not be measured according to the number of what we’ve gathered but the number of what we’ve scattered.

3) Must-be-prayer goes like this. . .
“Lord, bless us so that we may become blessings to others.”

I noticed that when I’m on the moment that I least expect of “something”, oftentimes, that “something” come in my way unexpectedly. . .during the most unwanted and unprepared times.
Anyway, I’m the only one who thinks I’m caught by nevertheless, there’s no such thing as unprepared and unwanted.
God always give more than we wanted but what we truly needed.

Ciao! Mabuhay!


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