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Guinness World Record: 10.10.10 Run For Pasig

A once in a bluemoon event has set its Guinness World-Breaking record in the history, as Government, Showbiz, and Sectoral personalities joined the fun run with a theme “Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig” last October 10, 2010.
Which has its main vision of collecting funds for cleaning and betterment of Pasig River, nearby bodies of water and creeks as well.

This grand event can be said as one of main highlights of year 2010, aside from Inauguration of President Noynoy Aquino in Manila Grandstand, Venus Raj’s achievement in Ms. Universe happened in Las Vegas, Nevada, and now the “Run for Pasig”.

Celebrities mostly from ABS-CBN channel participated in the said event and also high-profile personalities like Vice President Jejomar Binay, Former President Fidel V. Ramos, his wife Ming Ramos, Pound for Pound King, Manny Pacquiao, El Shaddai Leader, Mike Belarde and one of P-noy’s sisters, Ballsy Cruz.

Breaking the previous record of “Bay to Breakers”, and now with estimated 116,000 runners not included those who were not registered that joined the race.

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Black vs. Not so Black

Manny Pacquioa


It was a decade of my plain view in boxing, not until Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquioa (courtesy of aka Manny “Pacman” Pacquioa spiced up my taste in the ring. Pacman’s big break was when he beat Lehlohonolo Ledwaba and replaced him as Super Bantamweight chmapion, Manny has constantly step forward into success of his career. As well as his most exciting fights against Mexican boxing icons like Marc Antonio Barrera, Juan Manuel Marquez, Erik Morales, Hector Velaquez, Oscar Larios and Jorge Solis. Due to draw decision of judges about Barrera and Pacquioa’s fight, they finally had a rematch last 2007 for a record.

paquiao's titles

Another for the record match of Manny Pacquiao was his battle versus David Diaz and Oscar De La Hoya, these are the best fights that put Pacman to the top. As well as Ricky Hatton’s disappointing performance inside the ring which only led into two rounds of defeat for Hatton. Even his fight against Miguel Cotto which fairly stopped up to the last round.

clottey and pacquiao

Having not less than eight significant titles in the field of boxing, Pacman is now again trying to test his luck beating Joshua Clottey for another milestone of his career. Manny is truly one of the best athletes on Earth. Pacman will always be a pride of Philippines in sports most especially in boxing arena. Either wins or losses in his future challenges with other boxers, I’ll be in Manny Pacquiao’s side.

God bless you Pacman!! ^_^

One Dollar Fun

Last February 14, we treated ourselves for a while, despite of the fact that I’m on my way of recovery from Influenza. I don’t wanna stay home alone, together with my sickness so I decided to go with my friends, thankfully God helped me to convince my mom to let me go out.

She just left me 200 pesos (equivalent to 4 dollars I think, if I’m not mistaken). The plan was to rent a bicycle and roam around the Quezon city circle but it didn’t happen anyway.

We went into a mini amusement park near the place called “Circle of Fun”. Twenty pesos (or less than a dollar) for admission and fifty pesos (or exactly one- dollar) for admission plus two rides in any of general ads of the park.

Love the experience, though I haven’t enjoyed much of the rides yet the spirit of excitement and thrill was all there within me. I don’t want to talk about much of how my friends left their bags in my responsibility ( that I almost looked like a baggage man), shocks!!

At the end of the day, after the risky trip under the blazing sun, we’ve been all satisfied by the food courtesy by Tropical Hut (very affordable). LOve it!!

We don’t need to be so glamorous to enjoy life, we don’t even need to have alot of money to afford happiness.


Ko Hyun Jung’s Comeback

Ko Hyun Jung

Very Beautiful

One of korea’s hottest, greatest actress, most popular, and beautiful faces is Ko Hyun Jung (Go Hyeong Jeong), she’s one of the most talented personalities in acting and modeling. Despite of her eight consecutive years (to be exact) of leave in show business, having two-kids with her formerly and recently divorced husband, KHJ was given a chance to prove herself again in the field of drama which is Queen Seon Deok, recorded as one of her top-rated shows in Korea. Beating Kim Tae Hee in Iris, the success of KHJ’s comeback show has drawn her to the top once again. Having one of the major roles in Queen Seon Duk as Lady Mishil or Seju Mishil, she caught the public attention to admire, love and devote their selves to her (FYI, I’m also tricked and hypnotized by her charm).

Personally, I love to browse videos of her (in, pictures downloaded and then printed in hard copies, and good gossips and latest updates about her. She’s pretty young at her age, very fresh, and hot in some sense. One of her interviews that made me love her most was with Golden Fishery, I love the sincerity and honesty in her voice, she’s never afraid of saying nothing but the truth regarding her feelings and thoughts. KHJ pleased me more than any Korean icons, she might not be internationally recognized but she has the guts to achieve it.

Honestly, one of my very good reasons why I wanted to go to Korea is because I love to meet her, KHJ and my one and only love, Lee Dong Wook.

Korean’s Domination

Korea (specifically in South Korea) is one of Asia’s largest sources of TV shows imported into many Chinese-speaking countries. However, unlike to other nations that patronized such Drama, Action, and Love story themed TV series, Philippines is bombarded of Korea’s hottest and most popular masterpieces. Despite of Filipino or Tagalog as the first and national language spoken in said country, English hasn’t been departed from Philippine vocabulary which seemed to be an advantage due to as part of curriculum since children enter school either preparatory or nursery level, English subject is always present. The point is, as Filipinos, who never understand Chinese, Mandarin, Fokien, or whatever, they still devote themselves to Korean world. Not to mention just on media but also in music industry, which seemed to be so hard to comprehend. Dubbing is very traditional to Philippine TV, since Mexican Telenovela arrived, Korean followed their steps.

Yes! Pinas is composed of several races, whenever someone tried to visit Quiapo Church and stores near the place, Muslims outnumbered Filipino store vendors in the street, yet in semi mall-like tiangges, Chinese or Intsik and the rest of the breed rule the place. Going to Divisoria, most especially in Tutuban and 168 malls, due to Chinatown near the area, approximately three-fourths of the store owners are Chinese. In addition to that, Arabians also called Bumbay contributed in giving a capital to most of Filipino vendors and hope for entrepreneurs.

I hope I could hear news from other countries that demand services and products from Philippines, too. You know, just give and take relationship between nations as a result of unity.