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ELLEN’s Most Hilarious Episode

Dunno, after days of being busy, I still find time to watch ELLEN Degeneres replay shows in SolarTV channel 9. It was really nice when she started talking about how she fancy rap music, I love it. Then, she suddenly took a microphone from her back with an auto-tuning feature that makes a person sounds like T-Pain. As well as a nice thing to use that turns a hard statement for someone to tell an important person that will not offend him or will lessen the pain. Take a look at this.

Laugh Out Loud!!


Ellen The Generous

Three days from now and its Christmas, I gotta long week of vacation before the calendar jumps to 4th of January. So much things to accomplish for thesis completion of chapters one to three (research writing) and sort of bombarded by head-sucking paper works to be passed as holidays end. A very beautiful day for me, tired of thinking much about my bossy chick boss. Drop all tensions down and pick up the remote control. Exactly 12-noon in the Philippine round clock, I hate to say this but I’m craving for English speaking show. Yesterday, I ended up laughing to myself after I’ve watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Hurting me a lot when I saw Jennifer Aniston’s baby and angelic face, I found again my wholesome whim of meeting her (personally).


I’m so glad turning on the TV just right on time after I had my brunch. A cup of rice, corn beef with lots of onions and hot chocolate beside, looking forward to my fave show, it’s Ellen! Very late it seems coz the episodes are more on Halloween themed, the “squeal or no squeal” segment of her show as well as terribly shocking scenes of celebs right on the comfort room (victims like Taylor Swift and Jim Carey). Jay Sean sung his latest single “Down”, as well as Justin Bieber and his “One time”, other artist such as Jimmy Kimmel, Deepak Chopra, &c. They were just one of those I’ve seen.

I’m praying that more sponsors will pop up to support “Ellen for the Cure” coz it’s very rare for a person who just have everything to reach out and have a thought of helping those in need especially for medical purposes. She’s a nice person. I like her very much!


Thank you for having Mariah Carey on your show last November, Love it! God bless!