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2011 Trek

Today is 13th of October, I have this thought since I was in college,
and now is the time to fulfill the dream. Still praying for a complete
enjoyment and safe travelling all over the nation. Of course,
I woudln’t be able to reach places where there’s war and
misunderstanding like in Mindanao.

My adventure countdown will begin after I have accomplished my
primary things that I needed most especially for documentation of
my trek in other parts of Philippines.

Hahahaha!!! Finally, I will be able to execute it, but before that
I must know what I will be using in my future journey. Watch out
and join me in my voyage starting January 2011 (as my target date).
Anyway, what I have to do now is canvass and look for better
equipments like Digital Camera, Pocket Money, Weekly Budget
(for Transportation, Souvenirs, Food, &c.) and the most importantly
is my exploration plan map.