Ko Hyun Jung Fever

It’s been half a year (if I’m not mistaken) after I started building crazy sites forKo Hyun Jung. She’s really one of the Korean Actresses I like very much. I thought it was just for fun and fame to host such sites for KHJ. But suddenly in a blast, those domains I created has gone so far in terms of numbers of fans, activities like videos, pictures and other posts.

Here are the following sites I created for the sake of my KHJ addiction and satisfaction as well.
You’ll also learn all the updates in terms of afficionados and nadas who joined the said sites below.

1. Ko Hyun Jung / Go Hyeong Jeong (Facebook)
Fans – 3440
Photos by Fans – 846
Albums – 33
Videos – 39+

2. Ko Hyun Jung (Twitter)
Followers – 741
Listed – 41

3. Ko Hyun Jung (Socialgo.com)
Members – 113

Anyway, there are other sites I made for KHJ like for example: Daemul/The Substitute (for her upcoming TV show in Korea), I’m in Love to Ko Hyun Jung but I’m not a Lesbian, Hyam Jungil (Real life loveteam of Kim Nam Gil and KHJ). Hopefully, in time even if my parents are always against my passion in life like writing, following, blog hosting and doodling, I still pray to God that it will be succesful and be paid off in time.



I’ve watched alot of shows featuring people with different and unique interests in regards to their quirky collections. Those addictions to unusual collection can also be attributed to Obsessive Compulsive disorder in some ways. However, what I’m trying to say is that after witnessing their fascinating materials, I’m encouraged to build my own version of amazing and costly collection dealing with books.
Actually at first, I was thinking of butterfly garden that I will make for attraction but it ruins my day realizing that I can’t afford it and it’s not feasible for my situation who is living in a depressed area like Manila though it’s civilization has left me behind the walls of dreams and ambitions. Second, I though of having my own SpongeBob Squarepants’ boutique, that’s when I finally realized that I’ve missed a lot of his collectibles and memorabilia in malls and toy stores. Then, that was the time I stopped contemplating about my plan for the next ten years of my life. However, my liking to create my own bizarre. I can’t help but thinking of what’s is something that I really wanted and can’t get away without. . .and these are the books I read.
It was the only time when I watched myself handling a book that I bought a couple of minutes ago from a mall nearby. Entitled “persuasion” by Jane Austen. And it was a “BOOM!”, I made the right choice of material to collect despite of my financially constricted manner of living, it never distracted me to avoid me dreaming so.

Only to find out that even if I stop developing something to collect it is book that I can’t resist whenever I go to malls, whenever I’m alone, I’m in a train, bus or jeep: it is something that I’m addicted with (unconsciously).
So the result, I’m pursuing it from this very day. 14th of July, year 2010.

PS: If you know classic, fictional, or even other series books like HP, &c. Just throw me a message @ d777.mm@gmail.com


I thought it was just August Rush and Nine that really impressed my taste in music when it comes to motions pictures, yet another movie like Bandslam, slapped my first impression when my initial guests was it’s kinda action movie.

bandslam main cast

However, this movie rocks!! I love it!! The whole cast, te story itself and the concept of all the personalities behind it. I really love it! I already included this in my most faves music and teen-themed movies.

Most especially the rock version of Everything I own sung by Vanessa Hudgens. I never thought she’s that very gifted of so beautiful voice. God!! Can’t believe it!! No doubt why high school musical rules!!

Watch it for yourself ^_^

Election 2010

2010 election in Philippines is approaching every single day in media world, streets and even in virtual reality. LOL.
Who to choose as my president is one of the hardest part of my decision making process in this coming May, 2010.

I would have wanted to pick any from three:

1. Gibo Teeodoro
2. Manny Villar
3. Noynoy Aquino

Anyway, a cute promo from 7-eleven in cooperation with GMA7, regarding the gulp 16 oz. with a glass or cup covered with faces of the candidates like Gibo (green), Noynoy (yellow), Manny (orange), Erap Estrada(Red), Dick Gordon (Blue) and those included from undecided or abstain (dunno what’s the reason they’re separated from others and having no solo cups but rather combined in a group candidates such as Eddie Villanueva, &c.

Here are the samples from Noynoy and Manny.

n0ynoy vs. viLLar

manny villar

noynoy aquino

Reasoning and Faith

I adopted a quote from Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, it goes like this” . . .when reason ends, faith begins.” There are several things that even science cannot explain about life and those go beyond after life here on earth. Most especially, underlying matters related to salvation.

One thing for sure, death of Jesus Christ already answered the question about that. If good works will be the basis, therefore, what’s the sense of his sacrifice in the cross if all that matter is our efforts.

Remember no one can boast before Him.

Then, if everything turns out to be unexplainable, that’s the only time faith comes in.

Black vs. Not so Black

Manny Pacquioa


It was a decade of my plain view in boxing, not until Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquioa (courtesy of Google.com) aka Manny “Pacman” Pacquioa spiced up my taste in the ring. Pacman’s big break was when he beat Lehlohonolo Ledwaba and replaced him as Super Bantamweight chmapion, Manny has constantly step forward into success of his career. As well as his most exciting fights against Mexican boxing icons like Marc Antonio Barrera, Juan Manuel Marquez, Erik Morales, Hector Velaquez, Oscar Larios and Jorge Solis. Due to draw decision of judges about Barrera and Pacquioa’s fight, they finally had a rematch last 2007 for a record.

paquiao's titles

Another for the record match of Manny Pacquiao was his battle versus David Diaz and Oscar De La Hoya, these are the best fights that put Pacman to the top. As well as Ricky Hatton’s disappointing performance inside the ring which only led into two rounds of defeat for Hatton. Even his fight against Miguel Cotto which fairly stopped up to the last round.

clottey and pacquiao

Having not less than eight significant titles in the field of boxing, Pacman is now again trying to test his luck beating Joshua Clottey for another milestone of his career. Manny is truly one of the best athletes on Earth. Pacman will always be a pride of Philippines in sports most especially in boxing arena. Either wins or losses in his future challenges with other boxers, I’ll be in Manny Pacquiao’s side.

God bless you Pacman!! ^_^

Last Days

March and April is one of the toughest months for a student like me most especially when your already at your senior year. It’s kinda different in many ways, fast-paced activities and major exams. It seems that days shake us. Anyways, being in the middle class do not always expect a career like this, graduating and reaching a bachelor’s degree coz it’s often an optional thing. Having the right and good job is more important thing. The issue is that after my 16 years full of sweat, effort, blood and challenging journey within the four corners of our school makes me find relief and perhaps quite closely said as satisfaction and triumph. It’s not all of teenagers who had achieved a peak like this, and being the first child is always a very significant factor on that.

After those couple of years I spent doing projects, assignments, reporting, presentation and whatever freaking activities our teachers and professors required us to do, it’s almost over now and it will finally be over this coming April 6. Things will change, everything! From my daily routine, to jobs, to activities, to attires, and also attitude. A complete change in life and career.

I’m going to miss my friends, my seatmates, my peer group, my teachers and professors and every thing about schooling.

I’m already through with all those stuffs and I’m going to the next level now. Hope I’ll find the best job ever after my commencement exercise. Good luck to everyone. Having my master’s degree will always be in my mind but then people change.

God bless. Goodbye my beloved thesis. ^_^

Home – ko hyun jung

Home – ko hyun jung

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I’m not feeling well this month, despite of the fact that our commencement exercise is nearer than ever. I’m feeling so sad, empty, broken and lost. I lost my interest in life, I don’t wanna be with anyone. I always wanna cry. I miss my childhood days when my only problem is my playmates, my toys, and candies. I hope I can bring back those precious times I had with my loved ones and to correct my stupid mistakes. I hope I can erase and return all those words I’ve spoken to all my friends and others which caused them to be offended.

I hope I can make things right, I hope I’m not like this, I hope I can change. . .so I won’t be lost.

I love this song, it makes me cry every time I hear this playing.


nO h8 Campaign

Let’s support Glee casts’ No H8 campaign.