Election 2010

2010 election in Philippines is approaching every single day in media world, streets and even in virtual reality. LOL.
Who to choose as my president is one of the hardest part of my decision making process in this coming May, 2010.

I would have wanted to pick any from three:

1. Gibo Teeodoro
2. Manny Villar
3. Noynoy Aquino

Anyway, a cute promo from 7-eleven in cooperation with GMA7, regarding the gulp 16 oz. with a glass or cup covered with faces of the candidates like Gibo (green), Noynoy (yellow), Manny (orange), Erap Estrada(Red), Dick Gordon (Blue) and those included from undecided or abstain (dunno what’s the reason they’re separated from others and having no solo cups but rather combined in a group candidates such as Eddie Villanueva, &c.

Here are the samples from Noynoy and Manny.

n0ynoy vs. viLLar

manny villar

noynoy aquino


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