Here’s Another from Chile

It’s been a couple of weeks I think when Haiti was damaged by an earthquake, and now it was Chile. After those several happenings concerning our nature aside from global warming, poverty and many circumstances we cannot explain, could it be the signs of end times. How far or near are we to the end, based on prophecy, 2012 is the year then how come we’re suffering things like that. Maybe God is just preparing us for the real battles and scenarios we’re about to face.

Take a look at the pictures taken from Chile and Haiti, quite the same and close to the clips we’ve seen in the movie 2012.

What we can do now is pray hard for their recovery and restoration, and May the LORD keep us from any harm. Love! Love! Love!

God bless everyone!


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  1. Amen–a very sad story.

  2. Keep making more blogs please.

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