Say Goodbye To Papercuts

It was either mid or late November when I started attending my practicum in industrial setting in JB. Of course, excitement is still burning upon me regarding the fact that I’m accepted by the company to complete my needed time composed of 360 hours (estimated to last for two and a half months). Knowing that my job would be more on employee relation, I’m merely aware that 75% of my job will be alotted on filing. Difffrent from what I expected like of encoding, inteviewing and other closely related tasks, but then I accepted the realization that I was wrong.

201 files, filingm 201 files, filing,. . .that’s the main scenario I used to hear every now and then of my on the job training, I consumed much of my time making new folders, checking, updating, and searching for missing and important documents.
Eventually, greater burden brought by the chores assured me to be usedto it as time goes by. Anyways, my immunity didn’t guarantee numbness in my part most especailly my longing (specifically my fingers) ultimate and great desire to be healed from those folders torturing my skin which resulted into many, tiny, sensitive, and painful papercuts. Shocks! Sucks!

It’s hurting me all over again and again even if I’m done with my workloads, either outside the office, or at home, it’s one of those tearful but funny memories of my training in JB.

Nevertheless, during my last week in work, the job, the task, and the loads seemed to be lighter, more recreational, and onjoyable. I might be alone now and perhaps seriousness and independence jive with me yet happiness and learning takes place when I got more time to spend with me, myself, and I.


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