First Battle

Every morning I wake up, I always find challenges on my way: from the moment I open my eyes, either I’ll go back to sleep and dream again or go. If I’ve beaten drowsiness, my next battle is bathroom’s “mul” or water. Its temperature rises twice a tropical country must have from moderate to an ice freezing level that eventually turns me into a rock-like statue soaked in the middle of the ocean with 9 point magnitude tsunami. That’s how exaggerated it’s, what I’m feeling every time I’m inside the room to take a bath. It seemed that I’m dying trying to fight against cold water, to stop shivering, and to sing like a rockstar. In such way, I’m able to control and balance the temperature making it not too hard for me to get things done inside. After minutes of battleship, an overcomer will come out: wearing a wardrobe or a coat-like suit just the same with what children wear during winter. I can’t imagine how much more, the coldness in countries with four seasons. Love to experience that in future (God willing . . .), wish I can cope with such environment in case, nothing’s more fulfilling than that.

Love it.


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