Live, Love, Laugh

23rd of January, Saturday, it’s already 2010, year of the tiger. It’s just the beginning of all the challenges we have to face and awaits me. Yes! Last year seemed to a very critical endeavor I many aspects. Suicidal thoughts were necessary; feelings of being lost and confused were always with me. I’ve been to a point of such a worthless and wasted person. Nothing’s gonna work for good to me, however, god has given me one more chance to correct and learn from my mistakes and never do it again. I think what makes me more this positive is because of three Ls which sound so familiar to us.

Live – each and every one of us in this complicated world are connected to one another, we might undergo losing someone I our lives but in some sense of this walk, we’ll meet lots of people who will change us and our lives forever (act like a pencil, leave a “GOOD mark” to everybody we’ll be meeting in this journey).

Love– one key to better living is “to do what you love and love what you do . . . just do what’s inside your heart and what makes you happy”. Forgiving is one way of showing and giving LOVE.

Laugh – go with people you love most. Watch a movie, make a blog (LOL), . . .and be happy!! Smile always.


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