Ko Hyun Jung’s Comeback

Ko Hyun Jung

Very Beautiful

One of korea’s hottest, greatest actress, most popular, and beautiful faces is Ko Hyun Jung (Go Hyeong Jeong), she’s one of the most talented personalities in acting and modeling. Despite of her eight consecutive years (to be exact) of leave in show business, having two-kids with her formerly and recently divorced husband, KHJ was given a chance to prove herself again in the field of drama which is Queen Seon Deok, recorded as one of her top-rated shows in Korea. Beating Kim Tae Hee in Iris, the success of KHJ’s comeback show has drawn her to the top once again. Having one of the major roles in Queen Seon Duk as Lady Mishil or Seju Mishil, she caught the public attention to admire, love and devote their selves to her (FYI, I’m also tricked and hypnotized by her charm).

Personally, I love to browse videos of her (in Youtube.com), pictures downloaded and then printed in hard copies, and good gossips and latest updates about her. She’s pretty young at her age, very fresh, and hot in some sense. One of her interviews that made me love her most was with Golden Fishery, I love the sincerity and honesty in her voice, she’s never afraid of saying nothing but the truth regarding her feelings and thoughts. KHJ pleased me more than any Korean icons, she might not be internationally recognized but she has the guts to achieve it.

Honestly, one of my very good reasons why I wanted to go to Korea is because I love to meet her, KHJ and my one and only love, Lee Dong Wook.


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  1. wow i like you’re blogs.. Ms.GHJ always perfect image of mine.. ophz she deserve have fan like you..

    I love GHJ so muchhh…

  2. Read your friend’s very emotional, you also love many actresses GHJ! Her acting is wonderful! you can not describe đc great, but every time she appears on screen! from Spring Day, What’s Up Fox, HIT, until the Queen seon Duk can not is my eyes off the screen, and when the film ends in mind and just extremely GHJ second look forward to see whether she is the only picture.

  3. @ murkmutt! I admire you so by what you have been doing for actress khj! khj because I also love her a lot, I liked her from the movie What’s Up Fox, and also from the golden fishey which I understand is part of her life! and now I feel her as part of my life so! I am glad with joy or success of her, I am sad when she sad or thing, generally I find her very great and I always look forward to continuing khj achieved success and the future she will find her happiness!

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