Korean’s Domination

Korea (specifically in South Korea) is one of Asia’s largest sources of TV shows imported into many Chinese-speaking countries. However, unlike to other nations that patronized such Drama, Action, and Love story themed TV series, Philippines is bombarded of Korea’s hottest and most popular masterpieces. Despite of Filipino or Tagalog as the first and national language spoken in said country, English hasn’t been departed from Philippine vocabulary which seemed to be an advantage due to as part of curriculum since children enter school either preparatory or nursery level, English subject is always present. The point is, as Filipinos, who never understand Chinese, Mandarin, Fokien, or whatever, they still devote themselves to Korean world. Not to mention just on media but also in music industry, which seemed to be so hard to comprehend. Dubbing is very traditional to Philippine TV, since Mexican Telenovela arrived, Korean followed their steps.

Yes! Pinas is composed of several races, whenever someone tried to visit Quiapo Church and stores near the place, Muslims outnumbered Filipino store vendors in the street, yet in semi mall-like tiangges, Chinese or Intsik and the rest of the breed rule the place. Going to Divisoria, most especially in Tutuban and 168 malls, due to Chinatown near the area, approximately three-fourths of the store owners are Chinese. In addition to that, Arabians also called Bumbay contributed in giving a capital to most of Filipino vendors and hope for entrepreneurs.

I hope I could hear news from other countries that demand services and products from Philippines, too. You know, just give and take relationship between nations as a result of unity.


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  1. It sounds like you’re creating problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at why their is a problem in the first place

  2. This a informative great writeup by the author looking forward to read more really soon.

  3. Maybe you could change the page subject title Korean’s Domination Noxienoxnox! to something more catching for your subject you make. I liked the post yet.

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