Thumbs up for Facebook

Things have changed the path it must be, I remember the first time I’ve learned to open and shut down a computer. The first thing I knew was about Internet explorer and from that I transferred to Mozilla Firefox. Now, from my favorite networking website which was, I found myself hooked up to

What I love about it is self- expression. Grasping a real life into a virtual reality games like Café World, Farmville, Petville, Fishville, Hospital Town, &c. featured games from Zynga &c.

I can live through it without bringing music town by building Rock Riot and Music Challenge which are my over al fave. My longing for music never gets me down.

From decorating, naming a pet, naming a band, and hiring an employee, it helps me a lot to figure out what I want and tell myself:
“This is me!”


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  1. I am totally addicted to Fishville at the minute, it’s probably even worse than Farmville! Still it keeps me happy…Thanks for the post though!

  2. farmville and townfarm are both interesting and intresting. currently there is a lot of logging in with username to it which can be annoying as hell espcially when around the time you need to look in to harvest. both are different and intresting townfarm will allow you to be more interactive with others like inviting people to pick or plough the ground for you. everyone can have fun with this just hope they sort the bugs out soon

  3. I enjoy farmville! Simply just acquired my personal unique $1,000,000 villa! Check this website out for a few tips and trix

  4. Hi I reach this site by mistake when i was searching bing for this wii issue, I have to

  5. Very interesting post I enjoy your site carry on the great blog posts

  6. Your trusty rss feed would not do the job inside my personal browser (google chrome) exactly how could I solve this?

  7. I must say, I could not agree with you in 100%, but its just my opinion, which indeed could be wrong.

  8. Hi I dominate in FarmVille, I found a heap of tips at and levelled up so quick. I love this game.

  9. Always looking for aCool blog that helps me with my gaming , thanks a bunch!

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