One-Minute Vampire Interview

It’s truly fascinating to watch those vampires’ themed media, amazingly, witnessing the speed, strength, beauty of immortality, and assaulted peculiar skills beyond any description and imagination. Even if Jacob Black has more guts than Edward Cullen, he hasn’t any six-pocket abs and yummy muscles, though. Yet everything about Vampires are lovely, how I’m tempted to be one of the witches and wizards during J.K. Rowling’s reigning power and now Stephenie Meyerdisclosed her wild fantasies.

I hope Alice Cullen will hug me back as she did to Bella, and ask her these questions:

1. Is it true that only vampires can love forever?
2. Will Alice hire me to be one of the members of her league? And if,
3. Vampires will be dead still live after God has put an end to earth?

(I’m just curious, you know; hope she’ll answer me back.)



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