NBA Dream Game

Never imagined how tougher was the previous play-offs performance of Cleveland Cavaliers versus Orlando Magic has been. Albeit of I’m already hooked up to Cavs, I still love Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls (of course, The Legend, Michael Jordan), San Antonio Spurs, and LA Lakers. The great tandems of the 21st century and the new image of 23 is LeBron James of Cavs together with Anderson Varejao and now more spicy than ever with Shaq! Of Lakers there’s Kobe Bryant who took over the reign in the NBA court paired to Pau Gasol of Spain, an international Player.

Forces of Magic turned out to diminish by LA higher energy and greater stamina level, Lakers aggressiveness due to their previous losses was counted. Hopefully, Lakers and Cavs will get into the finals, a face-to-face game of the year, and honestly, I’m actually dreaming of witnessing my both fave teams compete each other. James versus Bryant; Varejao versus Gasol (both international players one from Brazil and other from Spain respectively), Oh! I don’t think Shaq will comply neither of the two pairs however, for sure this battle will be remembered.

Unfortunately, (T.T) my dream limits itself to a flat screen TV in our house because I don’t have any grounds to buy a ticket to US, so sad. Always seeing them playing, doing tricks, love to look at the crowd screaming for Lakers and Cavs. Love NBA!

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