Yes! That’s true; lambs go hard, and harder and harder now. I’m very proud being one of those addicted and avid fan of Mariah “Mimi” Carey. She made me life worth living, her music lives within my every veins, though I have many things to do for myself aside from tailing MC’s twitter, facebook, myspace, and every fan site which offers free membership (coz I don’t own any credit card, hahaha! J can’t afford to have one), whatta poor bastard!

honey b. fly

Queen of Pop (hehehehe!)

Actually, all of my friends know that I’m a fan of her, as well as my other classmates, schoolmates, despite of their ignorance regarding my bosh inside the campus, sharing the latest news about MC turned out to be tougher coz not everyone wants to listen. So I take it to the point when my mouth shut, keep my joy internally then put it on my mind. There are instances when I browse some of her vids, or open her website which is to her latest tweets and updates.

For me she’s awesome, she the best, she deserves it and she knows what to do and how to treat her inferiors. Hope she knows how she has changed and inspired me a lot in all aspects of my life. Love you Mimi and all the lambs out there. No matter what life will bring she’ll always be the Queen of Pop for me. Very flexy in music, love her.


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