Twilight Series Fever!


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  1. Hey nice looking blog but it is a bit funky looking in my K-meleon browser. Looks great besides that!

  2. much appreciated for such a wonderful post. I love the Vampire Diaries to bits, exceptional to see that there are people out there uniform

  3. I’m not the typical twilight fan but my late 20’s girlfriends and I had drinks followed by a first showing. I thought it was that it was much better than Twilight but still not quite right. I thought Kristen did a great job. The script was better and the funny moments were great. I am a Team Edward woman but the film makes you love for Jacob. Taylor did great. He had by far the best performer in the movie and, in a way that I could not get to in the book, I felt the difficulty of Bella’s choice to choose Edward over Jacob. However, I felt the start and ending were really crappy. And at the end there was too much “coldness” between Bella and Edward. The chemistry did not really come out….

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