This is it!

Why this is it?! Maybe you’ve just opened it because you’re an MJ fanatic or just gossiping for same reactions about his latest documentary film with the same title. If you think it’s just a waste of time, then think again. perhaps it’s something you wish not to miss for the rest o your life. Give me time to narrate to you my experience, oh! I mean the “whole story” of it. I hope you’ll not get disappointed about anything regardless of your race, philosophy, religion, or anything that separates a person from another either anything that matters in this world relating to human’s peculiarities and uniqueness. Let me start now. Tonight is November 17, 2009 (exactly 9:49 pm), after my first day of work as a OJT and of school, it didn’t make sense hanging out with my friends at all. I’m mostly pre-occupied by so many things hanging in my head like several companies I can barely think of, old but new professors for each subjects, backing out of my chosen firm due to time and energy-consuming travel from house to workplace, upcoming activities I scholarship, latest movie (before I forget, it’s a must to mention Newmoon, Paranormal Activity, 2012, A Nightmare in Elm St. &c.), my coping styles to get over my past relationship, etc. as well as my excitement for this coming Saturday, meeting my friend Vanessa whose ears are mine every time I talk over the greatest movies of all time and worth- reading books available in bookstores. However, my sked of logging in my Facebook account seemed to be so mandatory as time passed by and as it progresses its applications. I have already lots of apps to be updated for me not to take the “bankrupt badge” and publish it in my wall. My head is bombarded with so many ideas about gigs, watching movies, going to bookstore, purchasing a new Bible which I can call “mine” and shopping of course. Honestly, I had my first attempt to invite a friend last Sunday (November 15) I hate when she said she can’t go with me perhaps next time will do. I really had a hard time to move on with it and I thought missing such movie will take losing half of my life…and yes it was! Yup, as what I said a while ago, I ended up as a “loser.” I made myself busy with my office work, gigs with liffs sodda, &c. It was just then few hours ago when I decided to invite my buddy again to watch the movie and finally she told me “yes.” the time was already five forty when I arrived from marketplace going to V. Mapa (I ride a jeep), from there I walked the roads alone going to mall. Fortunately, as I entered the place, I saw the elevator open and I can say that Jesus has saved it for me. I was the only one inside except from the operator, I got up so fast to the third floor and immediately dialed my phone to give her a message while waiting in front of worlds of fun, a man stood beside me and asked me who’s the one I’ll be meeting. It took a couple of seconds to recognize his pose and voice, suddenly I blurted out his name and it was Ray, my high school friend and classmate, holding an ice cream in a cone. We chatted or how many minutes and then my friend appeared at last so we have to say our goodbyes. My heart-pounding emotion reigned over me, I’m glad we’ve seen the film from its beginning until it ends. As I watch it, every picture of sorrow, regret, despair, and conviction ruled that moment. I wasn’t even distracted by those voices and murmurs I heard around us, though we tried to joke each other but inside of me was struggling for something else. The show ended as it was to be: very good, and super “thumbs up” for that. I had a great time seeing such in a big screen though spoiled its peak few years ago. I found so much stuffs to think about…Life! I won’t put my words into rows coz it won’t be easy for me to do so. I also write what’s on my mind and I couldn’t stop and I wouldn’t have a chance to fix it. it’s all about life. Some say it’s a road to travel, a fight, a play, a game, a journey, an expedition, an exploration, a question, a mystery, a song, a ride. &c. whatever they call it, on thing for sure is that it always and will always end with “H” and heading to another “H” either of good or bad destination (there’s no such thing as purgatory, hello! Is it written in the Bible?). I won’t say anything about what I believe is right, perhaps it makes sense if I’ll push you to have my way of receiving salvation coz I know each one of us got different means , too, right?! God has a reason why we’re in this world today, why crises happened, why destruction prevails, and why you’re reading this blog of mine. Despite of all odds, we must always remember His goodness. No one can tell, the one beside you now, or the one you’ll be meeting outside your door, or even the one you’re trying to avoid for the rest of your life will die after a while. Who knows?! No one can stop DEATH, no one could ever tell. What matters to you may not be valued by others. Maybe those you’re taking for granted have a greater worth to others. You might think life is unfair coz nobody wants you, nobody likes you or even being not fitted to anyone…think again. Right now, you might be reading this blog, at first you thought of just a waste of time but you made it. You got the right choice. Always remember that you’re not alone, someone might be bearing the same cross just as with you. personally, I’ve been through to that, my life was lost but I found it. I’ve been with so many failures (a thousand heart breaks, too), life seemed to be so cruel to me. From the point I’ve given up schooling, I wanted to emancipate, to die, and end my life. However, god opened up my heart knowing that I’m significant in His eyes, it made me look forward to eternity. Saint Francis of Assisi once said that in dying that we are born to eternal life. In order for us to enjoy this journey with Him, we must take the cautions for us to be safe. Learning to give up ones desires for Him and putting Him first in everything we do. Perhaps…This is it! A time to tell your friends and significant others and make them feel how much you love them coz it might be too late for you to do so. The Bible said: “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might; for there is no activity or planning or knowledge or wisdom in Sheol where you are going.” (Ecclesiastes 9.10) Make the most out of life, do good, glorify His name in all things, accept Him as your God and personal Savior, put your faith on Him, and commit all your plans to him….coz “if not now, when?” (Pirkei Avot 1.14)


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